Partners and Projects

2018 was all about researching the market and learning about healthcare. 2019 was the first real year - hiring and building the team, starting to work with healthcare clients solving real problems.

And we had a good first year, working primarily with four healthcare clients - providing data driven analytical consultancy.

The nature of the work means we can't always shout about the detail but please get in touch to find out more.

There are two partnerships which we are proud and able to mention:

LHS, in partnership with the Endeavour Health Charitable Trust, are working on some of the UK's most cutting edge inter-operability solutions.

We are proud to be working with the Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust and in particular their Mental Health division.


2020 product development

We are excited to be working on our own new product that can join up patient experiences and make it easier for clinicians and administrators to do their jobs.
This builds on the previously successful work completed by others to create single integrated shared care records.
We hope to be able to announce more in the coming months about our new product.


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