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Our ambition

Interoperability is slowly coming to UK healthcare. We want to be one of the first to tap into it, to drive real benefits for patients, clinicians and administrators.

Medical form with stethoscope

UK healthcare has historically been very fragmented

Whilst many see (and expect) the NHS to be a single entity, the truth is that it is made up of many organisations with different budgets, different goals and different IT systems.

These boundaries create coordination and communication problems that mean often patients are at risk of falling through the cracks.

Interoperability is coming

The good news is that there are many talented people out there trying to enable the data and systems to be joined up.

There are different approaches; from agreeing new languages, protocols and standards, to building some of the shared care records themselves.

Factor 50 aims to help drive benefits from these shared care records. We are working on specific shared care record projects and we are also developing our own products that could demonstrate the power of a single integrated care record.

Finishing Line

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