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Using Digital to respond to Covid:

Our response to the Covid Crisis in 2020 was to build a national platform to make it safe and easy to help your neighbour

Until March 2020 we were happy working with our healthcare partners. Then when the Coronavirus Crisis hit we wanted to do something meaningful to help the situation.

We spotted that street level volunteer groups (= Mutual Aid Groups) were popping up all over the place, but were using whatever technology they had to hand (whatsapp, facebook, excel). None of these were ideal - none checked ID, none managed tasks, none looked after data.

So we created HelpMyStreet - a non-profit platform for the whole country to use, to make it safe and easy to help your neighbour.

It was a huge team effort, driven itself by volunteers to make it happen. It is still LIVE and has supported campaigns (e.g. face coverings), charities (e.g. Age UK) and communities.

It also played a role in supporting the Covid Vaccine rollout.

HelpMyStreet - helping communities
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