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Mental Health Case Studies

Nottinghamshire Healthcare Foundation Trust

We have worked with Nottinghamshire Healthcare on several projects - predominantly with their adult mental health division, its clinicians, managers and front-line staff and its data including anonymised patient-level data on referrals, psychometric assessments, contacts and admissions.

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Capacity and Demand in Adult Community Mental Health teams

We helped the Trust to understand, quantitatively, how their front-line staff are spending their time and to identify opportunities (by sharing best practice between teams) to free up more clinician time to spend with patients

Personality Disorder service redesign

We helped the Trust to prove the impact their interventions were having for Personality Disorder patients

Urgent and Emergency Mental Health Care standards field testing

Assisting the Trust with their participation in NHS England's field testing of proposed access standards

Case study 1: Capacity & Demand (2019)

Adult Community Mental Health Teams

Their Questions

How are our front-line staff spending their time?

What can we do to free up more of that time to spend with clients?

What we did

Spent time with every adult community mental health team – learning what they do and how they do it

Dug deep into the trust's operational data (client contacts and staff rotas)

Put what we learned into a flexible computer model that we could ask “what if?” questions of

Compared local teams and asked “what if local best practice was shared across the organisation?”

The Results

A quantitative understanding of how front-line staff are working

Ideas that could release up to 20% of staff time – some of which have been implemented already

Boosted engagement and enthusiasm from the teams

Case study 2: Personality Disorder (2020)

Assessing impact of various interventions

Their Questions

How well have our interventions for these clients been working?

What are the implications for the future design of our Personality Disorder services?

What we did

Worked closely with leaders and front-line practitioners from across the services

Dug deeper into the Trust’s operational data (including referrals, assessments and admissions in addition to contacts)

Evaluated 4 interventions:

•Mentalisation Based Therapy

•Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

•Distress Tolerance


Quantitatively assessed their impacts on patients wellbeing and service use (including their use of crisis services and their admissions) - all statistically tested and grounded

The Results

Compelling evidence of the impact the services are having

Clear recommendations, which are already impacting practice on the ground

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