The Team at Factor 50

We are looking to combine world class talent in the analytics and digital space, with people who really get the healthcare sector and know how to change it.

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Mark Hawkins

Founder, CEO

Mark has 20 years experience in financial services. With Matt, he founded HD Decisions in 2008, after 10 years at Capital One. HD is now owned by Experian and employs 100 people in Nottingham.

He has an MBA from Stanford and an Engineering Degree from Cambridge.

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Matt Denman


Matt worked in oil exploration for 3 years before joining Capital One in 1999. He then started HD Decisions with Mark in 2008. He has a Degree and PhD in Mech Eng from Loughborough.

Matt is also CEO of Podium - a joint venture with MoneySuperMarket.

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Ollie French

Product Director

Ollie joined Factor 50 from Capital One in the financial services sector, where he led the development of varied user-friendly solutions in a complex technical, operational and regulatory domain.
With his research background in maths and physics, he loves solving the problems that complex systems present.


Alastair Smith

Health Analytics

Alastair is an experienced analyst and manager, most recently in the NHS.  He has also worked in social enterprise, management consulting, engineering and financial services, including roles in strategy, innovation and business development.  He studied Engineering Science at Oxford and has an MBA from Cambridge.

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Laura Corcoran

Principal Analyst

Laura has taken an unconventional route into analytics after graduating in social sciences from Cambridge.  Her move into healthcare follows a core of experience in the financial services industry (inc HD Decisions) and a short stint in local government.


Geoff Burnhill

Clinical Lead

Geoff is a practicing clinician working within Paediatrics, Intensive Care and medical education. He has experience in developing technology innovations within the healthcare setting and was appointed as an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow in 2018.


Mike Matthews

Chief Technology Officer

Mike joined Factor 50 in November 2019 following 8 years at HD Decisions, where he led the team with responsibility for the platforms and infrastructure underpinning their suite of services.  He has a degree in maths and computing from the University of Nottingham and experience in the finance, not for profit and education sectors.


Senior Developer - Vacancy

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Are you an experienced developer who wants to make a difference?  Are you keen to join a small team and help to shape the technical direction of a growing organisation?


Developer - Vacancy

Is this you?

Are you a developer who wants to make a difference?  Are you keen to join a small team and help to shape the technical direction of a growing organisation?


Analyst - Vacancy

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Are you an experienced analyst or data scientist? Are you comfortable handling large data sets and/or using the latest stats tools? (Are you quite proud to be a bit of a geek?!)


Health and Medical - Vacancy

Part-time and Full-time

Are you a Public Health Consultant?
Or are you a practicing Clinician who wants to get involved in something different, potentially part-time?

If you are interested in joining the team, then please simply get in touch using or reach out to any member of the team through LinkedIn